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Conservative Dentistry

The primary goal of the conservative dentistry is healthy, beautiful and functional teeth. As the main branch of dentistry, it focuses on diagnosis, prevention and treatment of tooth cavities and other issues related to dental hygiene.

Dental caries, also known as tooth decay or a cavity, is an infection caused by bacteria present in human mouth and food containing carbohydrates. The bacteria consume the food (especially saccharose) and as a result produce acids which decrease the pH value in the mouth. The acids begin to deconstruct the tooth enamel which causes cavities. A dentist, after discovering the decay, removes it and leaves only the healthy tooth tissue. Shallow cavities can be removed using fluoride, while deep ones are to be eliminated mechanically with the dental drill. After the removal of the caries, the tooth has to be filled to protect the pulp and to make it functional.

After the decay has consumed the tooth, a filling is used to close it. Ceramic fillings are durable and for cosmetic reasons the most widespread, because they are almost invisible. Amalgam fillings, made of silver and mercury (amalgam classical fillings), present a quick and easy solution, but in modern dentistry their use is reduced due to the health and esthetic reasons.


Dental pulp, which is located under the tooth enamel, is a soft tissue made up of nerves and blood vessels. In case of tooth decay or fracture of the tooth, bacteria can enter into the root canal and cause the infection. If the infection is not treated, it can spread and affect the bone. The infected or damaged tooth pulp speeds up the blood circulation, which causes high pressure that cannot be relieved because there is not enough space. That is when pain appears. At this point, it is not sufficient to cure only the cavity, but you need the cure the pulp as well. The endodontic therapy consists of the following steps: first the pulp chamber must be entered and the shaping with endodontic instruments must be performed, which is followed by the root canal cleaning. The decontaminated structures of the canal must be filled with a thermoplastic rubber. The procedure finishes with a radiographic control.

If the bacterial plaque is not removed it increases in size and thus causes more and more problems. With time, the plaque gets mineralized by the mineral salts which are present in the saliva and they form the tartar which surrounds the teeth.

The tartar around the teeth is not only an esthetic issue, but it can also result in conditions such as periodontitis. For tartar removal we use the ultrasonic system. The whole procedure is based on vibrations and is very quick and completely painless. It is followed by the cleansing of the teeth from the possible remains and pigmentation discrepancies.

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