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Esthetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is an interdisciplinary branch of dentistry which unites almost all fields of dental care and which has been brought to perfection, esthetically as well as functionally.


If teeth are considerably damaged, the treatment includes fillings or prosthetics, which must meet the high esthetic standards in order to be deemed of the highest quality. The size, shape and color must be in perfect harmony with the natural teeth of the patient to preserve the entirety.

Treatment of tooth cavity used to imply the use of amalgam fillings (gray fillings) for restoring the tooth. Due to the toxicity of this material and its esthetic unacceptability, it is no longer in use in the Western countries. Nowadays, the composite materials, i.e. white fillings, are more and more used for the treatment of dental caries and they have an indisputable esthetic advantage. Composite materials are also known to be more durable. Moreover, the chemical bond between the filling and the tooth completely prevents bacteria penetration.

Esthetic procedures

In addition to these interventions, there also exist purely esthetic ones, such as teeth whitening, treatment of tooth discoloration and gum correction.

Teeth Whitening

Coffee, red wine, tobacco, medicines and other products all leave traces on our teeth. Any discoloration of the tooth is visible when we interact with other people and a nice white smile is something that everyone would love to have.

Teeth can be whitened in multiple ways. Sandblasting or air abrasion is the simplest and least harmful method of whitening, however it is somewhat limited. This procedure removes the plaque from the enamel without damaging the tooth. Teeth can also be whitened using zoom lamps, dental bonding and with oxidizing compounds that release oxygen ions.

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