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The dental implant is a substitute product in titanium (biocompatible material) which is inserted into the maxillary or mandibular bone as a replacement for the lost tooth root. We use the biologically neutral titanium, because it is very important for the bone tissue to accept the foreign body. ImplantatThis occurs during the process of bone integration. If the patient is missing the bone tissue, it can be regenerated before the implant insertion. During the insertion, the adjacent teeth remain untouched.

The implants are inserted as carriers of prosthetic substitutes when a patient has lost one or more teeth. If only one tooth is missing, an implant, superstructure and a crown are inserted. Depending on the health of the patient, the implant may be inserted into the bone immediately after the extraction of the tooth (if the tooth was not extracted before). With the definitive crown, the new tooth looks very similar to the natural tooth. In case of the total absence of teeth, we suggest the complete denture prosthesis anchored on implants or fixed bridges. The fixed bridge supported by implants has a more natural appearance than the prosthesis. When it is possible to insert a bigger number of implants (6-8), a fixed bridge can also be installed in between. Denture anchored on implants is more solid than the ordinary one, but is, however, mobile. This type of prosthesis is used when we insert a smaller number of implants (2-4).


"Doctors at De-nova are real perfectionist and thanks to them my teeth look better than ever. They made me feel comfortable, explained the whole procedure and I didn't feel a thing! The visit to the dentist is now a pleasure, and I look forward to my next one."