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Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry or pedodontics examines the occurrences in the children’s oral cavity and it has a preventive role which ensures the proper growth and development of children's teeth. The key notion is to detect, in time, and treat any condition before it can have a negative effect on the child’s oral health and subsequently on the entire body.

Children’s confidence is not easy to gain. That is why we try hard at every visit and gradually build the relationship between the dentist and the child. A good pediatric dentist gains and keeps the child's trust. The first visit to the dentist should be just a meeting and an opportunity for the child and the dentist to get to know each other, without any interventions. Unfamiliar equipment and noises can scare the child. The child should experience no pain during the first visit, so that later ones, when some intervention might be done, can be conducted without fear.

Cooperation between the dentist and the parents is very important in order to minimize the fear but also to avoid any awkward situations either for parents or for the doctors. Parent education plays a crucial role in tooth decay prevention and other conditions. Teeth of the youngest patients are coated with fluoride to prevent dental caries from an early age. If a cavity should appear on a deciduous tooth, it should be duly treated, since it destroys it and causes it to move which can lead to an improper position of the baby tooth. To help the first permanent teeth in staying healthy, we protect them by sealing their hollows and furrows, known as fissures and pits, with liquid resin that prevents the accumulation of food debris and thus the occurrence of tooth decay.

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