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Prosthetics is a branch of dentistry focusing on the replacement of missing teeth and gums. The prostheses can be divided into two categories: fixed and mobile.

Fixed prostheses

Fiksni elementi su svi oni elementi koje stomatolog fiksira, odnosno cementira u usnoj šupljini, a dijele se na: krunice, mostove i ljuskice.


Krunice se najčešće upotrebljavaju za sanaciju jako uništenih ili estetski neprihvatljivih zubi. Za stavljanje krunice, neophodno je izbrusiti zub a zatim uzeti otisak „zdravog“ dijela zuba, odnosno onog dijela koji je postojeći. Krunica će biti napravljena na bazi otiska kojeg je stomatolog prethodno uzeo i biti će vrlo slična prirodnom izgledu zuba. Postoji više vrsta krunica, no najčešće se upotrebljavaju keramičke krunice.


mostBridge can replace one or more teeth. The integral parts of a bridge are two classic crown carriers and an artificial tooth to replace the missing one. The crown carriers are fixed on existing adjacent teeth. If the neighboring teeth are missing, the role of the carrier may be taken over even by an implant. The bridge has an esthetic value, but it is also advisable to install it for health reasons, since it prevents the gums from receding and the neighboring teeth from loosening.


Veneers are an esthetic substitute which is used to decrease the space between the teeth, to restore the colored teeth, to cure the decayed ones and those that have lost their enamel. Unlike the crown, the veneer covers only the front of the tooth, and thus is an excellent solution for the front teeth. The placement of a veneer does very little or no damage to the healthy tooth. If you should opt for veneers only for esthetic reasons, only a thin layer of enamel will be removed. The veneers are produced in ceramics, and they restore your natural smile, beautiful and bright.


When, for various reasons, it is not possible to make a fixed prosthesis, the mobile one is the adequate solution. The mobile prosthesis can be total or partial.

Complete Denture

Totalna proteza zamjenjuje sve zube u gornjoj i/ili doljnjoj čeljusti. Neposredno nakon ekstrakcije zubi, pacijentu se daje privremena proteza koja mu omogućava normalno funkcioniranje u radnoj i obiteljskoj sredini tijekom oporavka. Privremena proteza se u roku od 2 mjeseca zamjenjuje definitivnom protezom kao završnim radom.

Partial denture

Djelomična protezaWhen it is not possible to install a fixed bridge, a partial denture, which is attached to patient’s natural teeth, is the best solution. The partial denture replaces most of the patient’s teeth.

Partial denture with precision attachments

The partial denture can be linked to the crown of the last tooth in the jaw by precision attachments. This denture is more precise than the regular one. It is less aggressive to the natural teeth and more welcome by the patients due to esthetic reasons.

Partial prosthesis with telescopic crowns

For this type of partial denture, combined crowns are used: inner ones (usually made of gold) are anchored to the tooth and the outer ones are worked in the prosthesis. Once the prosthesis is inserted the inner and outer crowns slip into each other like parts of a puzzle – the crowns slide on each other as the limbs of telescopic stabs. The telescopic prosthesis is halfway between the mobile denture and the fixed bridge

Prosthesis anchored on implants

Proteza usidrena na implantatimaWhen the retention of the mobile denture is not sufficient, when it reduces the efficiency of chewing and lacks in stability, we suggest the prosthesis anchored on the dental implants. At least 2 implants (optimally 4) have to be inserted in the mandibular, and at least 4 in the maxillary bone. After the bone integration process, the implants can be connected with an anchorage bar on which the prosthesis is inserted. This system is called the “overdenture”. Another solution would be the ALL-ON-4 system where the denture is not supported by but fixed on the implants.

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